One way or another…

And for today's ever-hopeful, slightly deranged, will-I-ever-get-knocked-up tune, I present... Made ya laugh, I hope 😉 T minus 7/8 days to lift off. CW.

Shared post: How to Plan a Pregnancy IVF Style

Too good not to share, via The Not So Fertile Goddess: How to plan a pregnancy IVF style: Step 13: Embryo Transfer "You and your partner will stare intently at the ultrasound screen to watch as this tiny embryo is inserted through a long catheter into your uterus. Your RE will point out the spot … Continue reading Shared post: How to Plan a Pregnancy IVF Style

Soundtrack for a cycle

"Oh I might have to wait I'll never give up I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck Wherever you are Whenever it's right You'll come out of nowhere and into my life" - Micheal BublĂ©, Haven't Met You Yet I have a little ritual. Ahead of each cycle, I put together a … Continue reading Soundtrack for a cycle

In other words: A three-day quote challenge

It's been a bit of a crazy week, so I've only just sat down to the three-day quote challenge that Amy from Awakening Wildflower tagged me in (thanks, Amy!). It came from out of the blue - I'm still pretty new to the blogging thing and it still surprises me that anyone reads my mindless musings. I was, … Continue reading In other words: A three-day quote challenge

Groovy, baby

Ok, so I've decided to embrace positivity and rainbow-farting unicorns etc and, for your (my) entertainment, put together a list of five fun (and science-backed) IVF facts: Move it, baby: Fertilisation rates are apparently higher for eggs subjected to music. According to a 2013 study done at the Institut Marques fertility Clinique in Barcelona, fertilisation rates of embryos subjected … Continue reading Groovy, baby


If you want your cup (collection) to runneth over, check out this Mug Swap that's being run by Nicola from Trimesters And Tribulations. It's for women who have experienced loss or are struggling to conceive (including the IVF-ers). More details are in her comment on my last post. Anyway, it seems like a nice thing to do if you're … Continue reading Mugsho(u)t…