The Rainbow Connection

I am headed into the lab today to drop off the paperwork and samples to kick off the upcoming cycle. I had been feeling somewhat tentative this time around (few people talk about being "fifth time lucky"), waiting to start "feeling it". Outside my window, there is a sun shower, which is probably one of … Continue reading The Rainbow Connection

Seeing red

Red is the colour of life. Of beginnings. The hue of longing, passion, and fire. Red is energy. It colours romance and courtship, desire and love. It is the deep shade of sensuality. Intense, hot, and strong. It is the power tie, celebrity carpets. Courage and bravery. Red is Christmas and Valentine's Day and weddings. Joy, … Continue reading Seeing red

Hi there…

So, if anyone is reading this, it's because I finally decided to make this blog public today (and if no one is reading this, that's fine too, because talking to yourself is perfectly healthy. I think). In any case, this blog exists because - and this is with no offense to the scores out there who … Continue reading Hi there…

No place to grieve

Japan is, apparently, dotted with what are called Jizo shrines - temples with tiny statues of infants, offerings to Jizo, who (among other tasks) watches over miscarried and aborted fetuses. Strangely, I never encountered any of these temples during my many trips to Tokyo, including the most recent one following my ectopic pregnancy.  I had not … Continue reading No place to grieve

The trouble with almost

We were planning to announce our pregnancy today. I was sure I was having a girl, my sister convinced the little squirt was a boy. I had a steadily climbing HCG level in the thousands, woke at 5am and 7am each night to pee, and felt happily ill each day. I had worked my way through a … Continue reading The trouble with almost