Waiting room reads

pexels-photo-267586.jpegThese are some of the books I have read along the way. Some of them are better than others, some are less depressing than others, and all touch on motherhood, infertility or relationships in some way. Eventually, I’ll add some reviews.

Inconceivable, Julia Indichova: Read my review here

Avalanche, Julia Leigh

Waiting for Daisy, Peggy Orenstein

Baby Dust, Deanna Roy

Moondance, Diane Chandler

The Art of Waiting, Belle Boggs

Laura and Emma, Kate Greathead

The Dark Dark, Samantha Hunt

I have provided Amazon links where available since its easier for Kindle users, but if you’re a book-book person, then most of these are available (at better prices and with free shipping from the Book Depository).

If you have other books to recommend, do comment or drop me a note.