Happy 40th, IVF

Happy 40th, IVF and Louise Brown. Louise: Your mum was one hell of a woman, and I'm glad you got to grow up knowing how much she did to have you become a part of her life. Because of her determination, we have the strength to continue to believe in our dreams. And to those … Continue reading Happy 40th, IVF

The Big Thaw

Sorry about the silence. I needed the technology detox and the plan was, in that quiet, to try and listen a little closer both to me and the world around me. Of course, I did none of that, but it was both liberating not to worry about charging my phone and empowering to categorically ignore … Continue reading The Big Thaw

The trouble with almost

We were planning to announce our pregnancy today. I was sure I was having a girl, my sister convinced the little squirt was a boy. I had a steadily climbing HCG level in the thousands, woke at 5am and 7am each night to pee, and felt happily ill each day. I had worked my way through a … Continue reading The trouble with almost