Depending on what you’re reading, pineapple is either your best friend or worst enemy during IVF (I belong to the latter camp).

Here, I will collate some of the random stuff I’ve found useful along the way. Some of these articles also appear in the Fertility Tips section.

The Maze that is IVF

An IVF timeline – this is just one way it could go, but it is the closest to my experience

IVF 201: A pretty good primer from Trials Bring Joy on what to expect when you’re hoping to be expecting (advanced route).

Cycle trackers

Babycentre’s ovulation calculator

IVF/FET calculator 

Depressing but I guess insightful IVF outcome predictor

IVF diets

The perfect IVF diet? This one is fiercely debated, but I like the list from here.

TCM’s list of ‘heaty’ and ‘cooling’ foods