Christmas …

Merry Christmas everyone!

It certainly has been a while. I had to press the pause button on the baby plans for a bit. Got felled by the flu and it was a long drawn nightmare. Thankfully, I was close enough to 90% to put together a Christmas Eve countdown and a Christmas Day dinner, and it was lovely to have our home, hearts and bellies full of love, laughter and some darn good food.

Christmas is always a bittersweet time of year, though, especially when you know you’re not going to find what you want under the tree. Each year, you imagine the next: a Christmas with new addition. You add an ornament for luck. But Christmas comes, and it goes. You have a bounty of gifts, but still not the one you want. In the meantime, it feels like everyone around you is either pregnant or giving birth.

And then you’re suddenly saying goodbye to a year that didn’t seem to have yielded the magic you needed.

But it is, as always, a chance to believe that the year ahead couldn’t possibly be as bad/worse than the ones that have passed (am I tempting fate??).

If 2018 hasn’t brought you what you wanted, I hope that 2019 does, and that it is full of promise and possibilities.

Let’s keep the faith together, and see what it holds.

Much love,


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