Baby G on board – 4dpt

So I’m four days (well five, really) into this two-week wait. Which also isn’t really two weeks. My pregnancy test is on Monday, September 10, which will be 12 days past my Aug 29 transfer. No idea why it’s slightly shorter this time… Perhaps it has to do with the fact that this was a frozen, not fresh cycle. Anyway, the doc didn’t offer up any explanations, and since it kept with the ‘everything is different’ theme, I was happy to go with the flow.

The transfer was a strange one this time, too. Everything seemed sort of rushed, even though we were there well ahead of time. Usually things have a pretty even pace in the OR – they check the bladder, the doc points out where he’ll be placing the embryo etc… This time it was more of a wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Which, if he knocked me up, is fine by me too. My sister, being as trigger happy as she is with a camera, still managed to squeeze off a fair few photos though… so I can scroll in slow mo if I feel the need for less speed.

In any case, apart from the slight cramping over the last couple of days, which could rightly be attributed to anything from progesterone to the number of mini burgers I ate at a BBQ last night (or implantation), there’s been little to no action on my front. No implantation spotting, no sticks peed on, no strange or unusual symptoms. Only really, really, strange nightmares last night that – as far as I remember – involved two key bits:

  1. Panicking because it was final year university exams, and I had been so busy with work and life that I had attended no lectures or tutorials and was, therefore, desperately trying to borrow study notes so I could attempt to pass;
  2. Visiting a Muslim “keramat” or shrine (No, I’m not Muslim)

Neither made any sense to me… though I guess the first one captures my frazzled nerves (because uni was a LONG time ago) and my second my willingness to appeal to any available divine force to jump in and help. Of course, both could also mean I ate too many mini burgers and indigestion was clouding my brain’s attempt to process and file information. I remain open to any attempts at interpretation.

So anyway, seven days to beta and a busy week ahead.

By some accounts, implantation following an FET can take place anywhere from 1dpt-7dpt, so I am just going to stay away from burgers, eat sticky-embryo breakfasts (greek yoghurt, brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, pomegranates and blueberries – hence the weird pic above), pray like a madwoman, go for acupuncture, and try to resist peeing on anything,


Song to inspire the embaby:

6 thoughts on “Baby G on board – 4dpt

  1. Good luck hun!! My TWW is only a 10 day wait too, which makes me dubious about testing. Worry it’s too soon!

    Keeping every possible limb crossed for you!! I so so hope your little embryo sticks in there 😁❤

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