Mixing it all up

Ok, 12 hours to my transfer (FET), and this is now OFFICIALLY “The Different Cycle”. And, like I said the last time, if this cycle really is all that different, it will end with me bringing home baby.

Figured I might as well capture the details of this just in case. If it works, I can revel in it, and if it doesn’t, I know what to feel sore about. Haha.

  1. ET OT Mash Up: The Man is NOT coming for the transfer, and my sister has gamely stepped in despite having to be up and out by 7.30am. He has an important meeting and cannot possibly be in two places at once, and I see where he is coming from. Taking comfort in the fact that his DNA is already in my possession, and I will make him make it up to me over the next, I don’t know, 40 years or so. Strangely enough, about 2-3 months ago when we were chatting about the cycle, he had said: ‘Maybe we should really mix things up this time. Do stuff we haven’t done and don’t do stuff we have.’ And the universe has conspired to make that happen.
  2. Put a sock in it: For the last five cycles, I have played with the idea of lucky socks. All five times, I never got around to buying them. This time, I ordered a pair of CYAN socks with smiley faces off the internet and they’ve arrived on time. I’m sure they will crack a smile.
  3. Happy hump day: This is my first weekday transfer, strangely enough. I’m not sure how the forces have always lined up such that I trigger on a Sunday, retrieve on a Tuesday, and transfer on a Saturday, but not this time. The doc clearly has a lot more control over an FET, but I don’t know if he planned for it to be a weekday either, since we effectively delayed the transfer three times. The first time, my TCM doc said my yang was too low and to extend birth control by a week, and the next two times he wanted to push the lining just a wee bit further. So yeah, a Wednesday transfer and a Monday beta.
  4. Driving that point home: That also means that for the first time, I did my pre-transfer acupuncture two days before my transfer (instead of the day before), and have locked in time with my usual therapist on the day itself (she only works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which means I either have to settle for another therapist on a Saturday or wait till Monday for acupuncture). Hope this arrangement is… on point.
  5. The grass is always greener: So having read Inconceivable, I toyed with a couple of things ahead of this transfer – wheatgrass (though Dr Google scared the living crap out of me today with how you should stop wheatgrass before starting stims… so out went the rest of the wheatgrass), raspberry leaf (which is ok until the transfer and is to ‘tone the uterus‘), and even toyed with some fertility yoga poses (which I have had absolutely no time to do consistently. I will do 30 minutes tonight before bed. Somehow.) How much of a difference ANY of this will make remains to be seen.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.23.56 PM

A whole bunch of other little things have been unusual this time, too, but these are the big bits (and quite enough by themselves, I think!).

So let’s just see where this lands.

If you pray, please put in a word for me with the big guy (or gal) upstairs and hold us in your thoughts. Hopefully this little one will be the one that finally makes us smile.



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