Change in scenery

Quickly chiming in from the other end of the world after a crazy number of plane rides (blame summer prices) and way too much bad airplane food.

We’re in the motherland visiting the in-laws, and so begins a little time with family, nature, and some quiet from everyday life. Including… nah, perhaps especially… assisted baby-making and IVF. We began IVF shortly after our last trip home in 2016. Feels like we’d been holding our breath since.

There were supposed to be three on this trip, a snapshot of hope on the refrigerator, nestled in between the shots of the Man in college and another of him pushing his goddaughter in a pram. Flashback to the kitchen several days after our positive pregnancy test and beta, when the Man asked: but how will you fish? And I said: carefully?

But this is not the time for wallowing. It is time to heal and regroup. So fish we will, even as a party of two. And perhaps we will reel in some new hope.

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