It’s good to be bad

Post-retrieval treat: DOUBLE-shot cappuccino. Ola caffeine my old friend (no judging).

Numbers game: 23 eggs retrieved. “Some big, some small” was all the embryologist would say, though she promises to play the embryos music to help them along.

Holding breath until we hear back on a few details in 24 hours. Well, holding breath and drinking some coffee.

Go embabies!


6 thoughts on “It’s good to be bad

    1. Thanks Michelle! I have EVERYTHING crossed – fingers, toes, eyes (even if it’s making it hard to type!) 😉


      1. Hahaha well if it helps I have everything crossed for you too. 😀 I’ll will be starting another cycle in mid June, so reading your blog reminds me of what is ahead xx

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