Shoot ’em up

So the cycle is a go (Cue: fireworks and marching bands).

After a quick look under the hood (thin lining and happy ovaries on Day 2) I started on Gonal-F (Follitropin Alfa) and Pergoveris (Follitropin Alfa + Lutropin Alfa) shots today. My next scan is on Tuesday, at which point we will find out if this old dog can do new tricks.

By way of a little backstory, this cycle was almost cancelled on account of a nasty flu virus, and my BCP (birth control pills) were extended to provide a time buffer (which has barely worked, because I still have the tail end of this cough). But the doc has decided that the virus is ultimately less of a concern than egg age. March on follies!

Anyway, what was truly odd today is despite the fact that this is cycle #5, I had a bit of an Alzheimer’s moment at the clinic while collecting my meds.

The nurse handed me my portable pharmacy of short needles, long needles, syringes, swabs, powders, solvents, and Gonal-F pens and said: “You know what to do.” I am among the clinic’s IVF/Clomid veterans, having spent a fair bit of time in their clinics and waiting rooms. And I tend to remember how things go.

But suddenly, I didn’t.

Perhaps it’s because the last cycle was a Frozen Embryo Transfer, so I didn’t have to go through all the motions. Or maybe it was the flu, caffeine withdrawal, or the fact that I was fully expecting for the cycle not to start today.

I drew a complete blank as to how all the pieces fit together.


Didn’t I just have Gonal F the last time? Did I combine the Gonal F and Pergoveris? Which went into what? How much solvent? Do I use the long needle or the short one to expel the air? Was I supposed to get pills too? Where in my head did all my previous cycles go??

And then, after she walked me through it, I managed to give myself an awful little bruise with my shot, something I don’t remember having ever done (except with Cetrotide). Were they different kinds of needles? Was it my skin? My technique? Something else?

It wasn’t quite the confident stride into this cycle I expected. More like a bit of a stumble.

But, as my sister put it, if this cycle is going to yield different results, then everything about it may as well be different.

Bracing for more surprises.


A Song for CD 2:

Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams

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