The Rainbow Connection

I am headed into the lab today to drop off the paperwork and samples to kick off the upcoming cycle. I had been feeling somewhat tentative this time around (few people talk about being “fifth time lucky”), waiting to start “feeling it”.

Outside my window, there is a sun shower, which is probably one of the prettiest renditions of rain around. It usually means that winds have brought airborne raindrops into a cloudless spot from a rainstorm some distance away.

A lot of folklore surrounds such sun showers (everything from hyenas giving birth to abusive devils). Some say they herald a bigger storm on the way. But at least in my culture, they are considered auspicious: a sun shower happened on my wedding day (in the brief moments my husband stepped out of his home and into the car to come get me). That felt kind of magical. My mum was delighted.

Sun showers are also good recipes for rainbows, and we’ve been waiting a while for one. We also, incidentally, saw a rainbow on New Year’s Day 2017, when we got pregnant (IVF #2, ectopic).

I’m the sort of person who (desperately?) looks for signs. So I’ll happily take this one.


11 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection

  1. I used to do the same thing! I remember this HUGE expansive rainbow right outside our windows one morning. I went on to research rainbows, finding that some cultures view rainbows as a new beginning, and some see them as a “path” to another world. Fitting in both trying for more children, and in trying to stay connected to the ones I’d lost.

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      1. My sister said this to me recently…”There are signs everywhere. You just have to open your eyes, pay attention and look.” I’m always reminded of that phrase when–lol!–I end up in a room and was so caught up in my thoughts that I couldn’t remember how I got there!

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    1. I just saw that and thank you for involving me! I would very much love to. The real challenge will be picking just three quotes I think ๐Ÿ™‚

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