Check out: Infertility Illustrated

“Infertility is mostly sad. There are moments that you sort of have to laugh or appreciate the ridiculousness of a situation, but at the end of the day, infertility is awful.” – Christine McDonough, Infertility Illustrated.

Monday. T-10 (probably) to shots and a bit of a mixed-up mess, which has made it a little hard to write. In any case, this take on infertility caught my eye, probably because this has been me – every failed cycle (or successful cycle/failed pregnancy):

Fertility Illustrated, Christine McDonough
Check out more of Christine McDonough’s work here

I’m back at the blackboard now, wondering what I am going to do differently this time around. I guess I have 10 days to figure it out.





2 thoughts on “Check out: Infertility Illustrated

  1. Try to let go…as in, know what you want, believe you’re going to get it–you don’t have to figure out how–and live. Enjoy your life. I KNOW that’s hard, but if you can stop trying to figure it out, magic just might happen. Crossing fingers for you!

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