If you want your cup (collection) to runneth over, check out this Mug Swap that’s being run by Nicola from Trimesters And Tribulations. It’s for women who have experienced loss or are struggling to conceive (including the IVF-ers). More details are in her comment on my last post.

Anyway, it seems like a nice thing to do if you’re a mug-lover (or like being on the receiving end of random gifts), and want to lend another woman in a similar situation a little support.

I am a tiny bit distant from many of the other participants at the moment (US/UK), but I wondered – as one does – if there was an actual market for IVF-related mugs (filled with lukewarm water, of course, in case my acupuncturist is reading this).

Of course I went and Googled it, emerging with inspiring messages about strength and time, fuzzy images of blastocysts, puns about shots/frosties/BFPs/TWW/POASing/pineapple (eww), plenty of baby dust, and this winner.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.01.01 AM.png

Go on… see what you can surprise someone with 😉


Ps: You can also drop Nicola a note at

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