Hi there…

So, if anyone is reading this, it’s because I finally decided to make this blog public today (and if no one is reading this, that’s fine too, because talking to yourself is perfectly healthy. I think).

In any case, this blog exists because – and this is with no offense to the scores out there who have documented their infertility journeys in blogs and books – there is still too little that has been said on the subject – in marriages, in families, in healthcare institutions and in general. Frustration is compounded by confusion and shame (which is why my face isn’t on this blog. For now).

There is also so much mixed up information and misinformation out there.

The only comfort you get, really, is from commiseration and discovery, whether of answers, ideas, strategies or even something to laugh about in this big infertility mess.

So this is my mess. Hello, and welcome.

I started posting about this cycle yesterday, and there are a few old posts up – including about our IVF ectopic – which I’ve left there as little reminders of where I have been, painful as they are. The dozens that remain in draft form from previous failed cycles I’ll leave in the past.

Now, a new chapter begins. I hope you’ll stay.


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